Combining an Endoscopic Brow Lift with Eyelid Surgery or a Facelift

Published on December 29, 2016

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a procedure for removing sagging skin on the forehead and shaping the underlying tissues and muscles to rejuvenate the face or to correct droopy or uneven eyebrows. Aging causes our skin to wrinkle and sag, giving an appearance of tension, worry, and tiredness. With a brow lift, a natural look of good health, youthfulness, confidence, and positivity can be achieved.

The procedure will make the horizontal worry lines on the forehead and furrows between the brows disappear, restoring smooth skin. It can also correct drooping brows and heavy upper eyelids to give you an appearance that you are more comfortable with and more confident in.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Most plastic surgeons prefer to use the endoscopic method to perform brow lift surgeries over the traditional method, because it is a less-invasive option. The procedure is performed under anesthesia and involves making several short incisions along the scalp, just behind the hairline. An endoscope is then inserted so that the surgeon can see inside and lift skin and tissue. Excess skin and fatty tissue will be removed and the brow lifted to provide the desired look.

Pairing a Brow Lift with Eyelid Surgery or a Facelift

With visible signs of aging, there is a lot that needs to be done to achieve a natural and all-around youthful appearance. Getting a brow lift done will not eliminate the other signs of aging that can be seen on the face. While brow lifts improve a person’s forehead and eyebrows, other procedures done along with a brow lift can greatly complement the effects of the brow lift.

Some popular combinations with the brow lift include blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and a facelift. A blepharoplasty improves the appearance of the eyes by rejuvenating the eyelids. This involves tightening the lids, removing excess skin, smoothing away fine lines, and reducing puffy eye bags. A facelift improves the cheekbones, chin, and jawline to give a smoother and more well-defined look.

Recovery and Downtime

Always make sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s post-operative care instructions after your surgery. This will ensure a shorter and more-comfortable recovery period.

After an endoscopic brow lift surgery with blepharoplasty or a facelift, there may be slight discomfort, but pain is minimal. A brow lift procedure done alone will take less time to recover from than when done along with an eyelid surgery or a facelift, since more alteration of tissue has taken place. However, this helps to avoid multiple recovery periods.

After surgery, you will need to wear bandages for a few days. During this time, it is advisable not to wash your hair; this helps to keep the area dry. Ice packs can be used to minimize swelling, and any ointments prescribed by the surgeon can be applied to minimize post-surgical marks. Recovery usually takes around a week, and after 10 days, normal activities can typically be resumed.

Setting Up a Consultation

Want to find out more about combining facial-rejuvenation procedures for an overall more-youthful look? If so, it’s best to contact the office of Dr. Leo Keegan, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon to arrange a consultation.