Restylane Offers an End to Unwanted Wrinkles

Published on August 18, 2017

The onset of lines and wrinkles can be a dreaded event for most people, marking an end to youth and the beginning of middle age. However, today, wrinkles and lines are not age specific. Many people are developing lines on their face at younger ages. This is due to lifestyle factors, stress, smoking, and exposure to UV rays and pollution.

While deep wrinkles can be effectively treated through surgical methods, if you are not interested in surgical options, you can rely on non-surgical Restylane treatments to deliver quality results.

The Benefits of Restylane

One of the reasons why people rely on Restylane, an injectable dermal filler, is that the procedure is easy to perform and does not have significant side effects. This is an FDA-approved procedure, and patients have relied on the outcomes it offers for more than a decade.

Restylane is quite useful in treating the onset of wrinkles. This is that time when you notice that your laugh lines and frown lines are more obvious, as are age lines around your mouth.

Restylane is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance. Restylane does not depend on animal-derived products and this makes it an attractive treatment option for many patients. Because it is natural and not animal-derived, it is practically free of side effects.

The product gives the skin a plumper, smoother look and helps keep it moisturized. The product offers results that can last up to a year. That said, you have to be realistic in your expectations, since gravity and age take a toll on the skin. Coming in for follow-up treatments is often advised in order to keep your results looking fresh.

Same-Day Procedure and Aftercare

The Restylane treatment procedure can be performed in less than an hour. The treatment is offered on an outpatient basis, and you can go home immediately afterwards. You should not need to take any time off work; instead, you’ll be able to return to your daily activities without a recovery period. This factor, along with several others, makes it an attractive alternative to surgery.

Some patients may experience some minor swelling after the injections, but the swelling tends to subside soon and can be managed with instructions from your doctor. Some people feel slight numbness in the skin following treatment, but this disappears over the course of time.

Patients have many questions about the effectiveness of the procedure. In general, Restylane injections tend to offer better outcomes than other non-surgical procedures to treat wrinkles. This will vary from patient to patient.

You will be expected to follow a skincare routine to make the outcome of your treatment last longer. For example, smokers will need to quit smoking. Also, you will need to protect your skin against overexposure to sunlight, tanning lamps, and other factors that can cause wrinkles.

Learn More About Restylane Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

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