The Comprehensive Mommy Makeover Package

Published on December 16, 2016

A mommy makeover is a package of surgeries that aims to restore a patient’s pre-pregnancy body. It is used to fix the results of aging and pregnancy, including sagging, stubborn fat, stretch marks, and changes in breast shape. While a mommy makeover is a fairly new trend, the procedures involved in the package have been around for a long time and are proven to be effective. The package consists of a tummy tuck, a breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, and SculpSure.

Am I a Good Candidate?

An adult woman who has given birth and has problems with aspects of her body as a result is eligible for this surgery. Excess fat, major changes to breast size, drooping breasts, sagging skin, and wrinkles around the face and eyes can all be eliminated with this procedure. One thing to note is that doctors and patients should always discuss the procedure and expected results before the surgery.


Once a patient has considered all her options and has chosen to go ahead with the procedure, some precautions need to be taken. Patients are advised to achieve and maintain their ideal weight before the procedure, as weight gain or loss after the surgery will have a negative impact on the results. Exercise and a healthy diet are to be maintained regularly. Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited for weeks before the procedure. Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs need to be stopped as well. Since this is a major procedure and recovery can require weeks or months, a solid recovery plan needs to be put in place. This includes home adjustments and people who can help with daily tasks.


A mommy makeover involves a combination of any of several procedures. Let’s take a look at each one below:

Tummy Tuck – This surgery will remove excess fat around the abdominal area. If you underwent a C-section, the scars may also be addressed. The process involves making a hip-to-hip incision, removing excess fat and skin, and closing the incision with sutures. Post-surgical from this procedure often align with the bikini line and can be concealed easily.
Liposuction – This procedure can be used on various parts of the body but is mostly used on the hips and upper thighs. Fat is removed using a cannula and medical suction.
Breast Surgeries – During a mommy makeover, many patients prefer to have a breast augmentation, lift, or reduction. These procedures are related to changes in size and shape during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
SculpSure – This is a non-invasive procedure that serves as an alternative to liposuction. It involves the use of lasers to get rid of stubborn fat in different areas of the body.

Post-Surgical Healing

All the surgeries and procedures are performed together. As a result, patients can often get back to normal within weeks. Your doctor will provide post-surgery instructions and care measures and will schedule future checkups. Patients are advised to follow the instructions and never miss a follow-up appointment.

Mommy Makeover Consultation

For more on your mommy makeover options, arrange a consultation with double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Leo Keegan. Dr. Keegan will be happy to help you achieve your body goals.