“Skilled Physician Artist Kindness = Dr Keegan”

Published on March 25, 2016

I can’t say enough about Dr. Keegan! He performed two separate and significant surgeries on me (abdominoplasty and mastopexy/upper back lift–due to significant weight loss) and both my results as well as patient experiences far exceeded my expectations! Why?–Dr. Keegan is not only an exceptionally skilled physician (who puts safety first) but also a true ARTIST–the very unusual “secret ingredient” that SO few cosmetic surgeons possess! Dr. Keegan’s years of experience gives him a quiet confidence and his genuine, kind and thoughtful demeanor automatically puts you at ease and confident about your outcomes. Also, Dr. Keegan & his staff are incredibly kind, attentive and thorough, delivering outstanding patient care throughout all stages of treatment. Professional, skilled and kind. Dr. Keegan’s reputation precedes him . No need for “flashy” or pushy sales staff–how refreshing amidst from the scores of “plastic” NYC plastic surgeons! Honestly, I really feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Keegan as he really delivered wondrous and amazing results for me! Search no more!