Body Lift

Candidates for Body Lift Surgery generally have some of the following characteristics:

  • Lost large amounts of weight
  • Have loose and extra skin in one or more areas

After experiencing significant weight loss as a result of gastric bypass surgery or conventional weight-loss methods, many patients are left with large quantities of inelastic skin that do not respond well to continued diet and exercise. Body lLft surgeries are an ideal option for patients who wish to undergo surgery to remove loose skin from multiple areas of the body.

Body Lift surgery usually includes two or more of the following procedures:

  • Circumferential lift or belt lipectomy designed to remove excess skin from the buttocks and midsection
  • Arm lift which removes hanging skin from the upper arms
  • Inner (medial) or outer (bilateral) thigh lifts
  • Breast lift or breast reduction surgery

Dr. Keegan will consult with you extensively to formulate a plan that will be both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Body lift surgeries may be performed on an outpatient basis in some cases, but many patients elect to stay overnight in our private recovery room, where they receive one-on-one care from our specially trained nursing staff.