Ear Reshaping

Candidates for Ear Surgery generally have some of the following characteristics:

  • Disproportionally large ears
  • Ear deformity following an injury
  • Stretched earlobes
  • Ears missing certain features such as the curve in the outer rim or other natural folds
  • Large holes or clefts in earlobes due to damage from earrings

The term otoplasty refers to a range of procedures that reshape or reposition a patient’s ears. Otoplasty surgeries sculpt the ear cartilage to correct structural abnormalities, rebuild ears after an injury, or bring ears into balance with the rest of a patient’s facial features. The ultimate goal of ear reshaping is to provide harmonious, natural-looking results. Otoplasties are performed in our AAAASF operating room. Patients usually return home on the same day of surgery.