Hybrid Breast Reconstruction

Candidates for a Hybrid Breast Reconstruction generally have some of the following characteristics:

  • Need to replace radiated or compromised skin following a mastectomy, but do not have enough fat to completely reconstruct their breasts
  • Have very lax abdominal skin, but need extra volume to achieve their desired results
  • Prefer the softness of an autologous reconstruction, but need additional volume to achieve their ideal breast size

Dr. Keegan developed hybrid reconstruction techniques in response to his patients’ complex needs. His extensive training and experience allows him to select and modify procedures based on each patient’s body type, preferences, medical history, and stage of life.

Hybrid breast reconstructions are individually customized surgeries that combine elements of autologous (flap) procedures with implants. Most hybrid procedures use DIEP Flap or LD Flap techniques to harvest enough native tissue to rebuild the breast flap. A saline or silicone gel implant is then placed under the breast tissue to provide the desired volume. As with all breast reconstruction procedures, the ultimate goal is to create breasts that appear symmetrical and natural.

Hybrid reconstructions are usually initiated at the time of mastectomy. In many cases, the entire hybrid breast reconstruction can be performed during the mastectomy. Some patients, however, will benefit from a staged procedure in which a tissue expander is inserted during the initial surgery.

After the mastectomy and initial reconstruction, the surgeon will gradually add fluid to the tissue expander, giving the breast skin an opportunity to adjust to the volume of the selected implant. The addition of fluid is usually painless, and requires only a few minutes at each visit.

Once the tissue expander has been filled to the desired volume of the implant, the patient undergoes a relatively simple procedure to replace the tissue expander with a permanent implant. This surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis, and most patients resume their normal activities within a few days of the second surgery.

All mastectomies and implant-based reconstructions are initiated at Mount Sinai Hospital. For patients who select a staged procedure, the final placement of the implant can take place at our comfortable, state-of-the-art , AAAASF accredited facility in Manhattan. Patients may go home the afternoon after surgery or choose to stay overnight with our specially trained Registered Nurses. We are committed to making the reconstruction process as comfortable and convenient as possible, and will happily assist patients and their families with lodging and other logistics.