Candidates for a Facelift generally have some of the following characteristics:

  • Lack of elasticity in the skin of the face or neck
  • Deep lines or creases in the cheeks, in the middle of the face or near the corners of the mouth
  • Loose skin around the neck or jawline
  • Facial appearance is older than desired

Collaboration between Dr. Keegan and his patients is particularly important for facial surgery. An in-depth consultation with his patients insures that Dr. Keegan has a complete understanding of his patients’ goals and the patients have an understanding of the range of possible results. Collaboration is key in achieving your desired result whether very natural or a more significant change.

Dr. Keegan utilizes a wide spectrum of procedures, including endoscopic, short-scar and “mini-facelift” techniques, often used in conjunction with facial fillers such as fat or Restylane. Facelifts are performed in our AAAASF operating room. Patients may return home on the same day of surgery, but many patients elect to stay overnight in our private recovery rooms, where they receive one-on-one overnight care from our specially trained Registered Nursing staff.