Revisionary Breast Reconstruction

Candidates for a Revisionary Reconstruction generally have some of the following characteristics:

  • Need to replace an old, failed, or uncomfortable breast implant
  • Are unhappy with the look or feel of implants, and would prefer the natural, long-lasting results of an autologous reconstruction
  • Have experienced weight gain, but not in the reconstructed breast
  • Have asymmetry in their breast area due to other physical changes
  • Would like to take advantage of higher-quality implants and up-to-date procedures that are now available

For a variety of reasons, patients who have already undergone a breast reconstruction may become dissatisfied with the results over time. Dr. Keegan offer individually customized “revisionary” reconstructions for patients who wish to correct or improve the results of their previous surgery.

Revisionary Breast Reconstructions are complex and multifaceted procedures, and each patient has unique, personal reasons for choosing a type of revisionary reconstruction. Dr. Keegan takes a strong interest in finding innovative, safe solutions for patients who are dissatisfied with their initial reconstruction, and frequently achieves outstanding results with revisionary reconstruction surgeries.